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Pretty and Fabulous

I have a smorgesborg for you today.  No theme really.  
Just random bits and pieces of pretty and fabulous. 

 I think these scenes originally published in 1894 as a small handbook are so fantastic.  How fun would these be on your wall?  I love things like this which bring humor to a space. Interesting how relationships never truly change.   The sequence pretty much still applies today.  I totally see them in my dining room.  Love.'s a little news on the home-front.  Something I picked up this weekend...

Kinda killer right?

I think it's going to end up in our breakfast nook.  Hopefully to be hung next weekend...if the hubby is feeling generous.  He haaaates putting up fixtures.  But, I'm just too cheap to pay for them to be hung.  I mean, I could get all kinds of good stuff for the $ it would take to hire someone to hang them.  Maybe someday, the money will be flowing freely enough to relieve him of the duty.  But, it ain't today. 

Lastly. Three fantastic wallpapers for you to enjoy ...


Love how large and graphic these flowers are.  Dreamy.


Hello gorgeous.  What can I say.  Peacocks make me happy.   Not to mention the color palate.


Can anyone say sexy?  You better want to make a statement when using this. 
Cause, it definitely ain't timid.

So, there you are.  My random sharings for today. 

Hope you have a happy Monday all!


Custom Wallpaper

I think this is one of the cutest things I've seen in a while. How adorable is this custom wallpaper from a picture by Jen Arthur Photography.  The Dad "tattoo" just makes me smile.  Sooooo sweet.  What a fun and interesting way to personalize the walls in your home.   If you would like to try something similar in your home.  Use on of your own pictures and go here to make your own custom wallpaper.



 Opinions are needed please.  I have four finalists here that I have narrowed it down to for the walls in our place.  As you can see, I have chosen a stencil over wallpaper, primarily due to the fact that we are renters, and I'm not about sinking a whole bunch of money in someplace we don't own.  Capiche? 

So, here is the first finalist, which you already know, as I have talked about it previously.  Still love.

These last 3 are actually new contenders as I have found a new source for killer stencils.  Seriously, you should go and check it out.  CRAZY good options out there, that I had no idea existed.

Next, a little modern Victorian Toile.  Super girly, but oh, so cool!  Probably, has inched into first, in my mind.

Aaaaand, two more lace options.  You are going to have to use your imagination on these as, there are no finished product pics...

1, 2

So...weigh in...which are your faves?  The basic color scheme will be light grey and white.  I think I know which one I am leaning towards, but, really the decision has not been made yet.  Just curious to see what you all think?  Are you partial to one of these over the other, or are they all crap.  Opinions?  Anyone?


Wallpaper Patchwork

Since we have been on the subject of wallpaper this week, I thought this was a really great idea on the part of Tif over at Dottie Angel.  She put up three different strips of wallpaper to make a patchwork of sorts for her entry wall.  How brave, and really kinda brilliant.  It turned out beautifully!  Check out all the details here.

And, with that, I declare, wallcovering week over.  So, where do you all stand in the wide, wide world of wallcoverings?  Which was your favorite.  Might you find yourself undertaking one of these projects in the near future?  Hope I helped clarify the options for you.   Thanks for sticking with me during my exploration.  We'll be back to regular programming next week.  Have a great weekend everyone!


Wallpapering With Fabric

So, I thought, since I've covered every other way to make your walls interesting, I should touch on this option as well.  I am actually contemplating undertaking this project.  What's crazy is, I haven't really found a great "finished" picture of anyone who has tried an entire room with this idea.  But, I did come across this (shown above) where a one wall of a closet was done...hmmmm.  Better than nothing.

So, after seeing that it can be done, I found a few fabrics that I wouldn't mind doing it with.  Observe...

1, 2

They would require a good deal of patience I fear, when it comes to matching the pattern up.  As you can see, I adopt a kind of "go bold, or go home" approach to fabric as wallpaper.  I figure hey, this is totally not permanent, so I have the option of having a little fun with it. are some brighter options...

I'm super diggin' the floral (above) and PP's Togo (below,left.) I think the floral one would be fabulous...but, the hubby might not completely agree with me on that one.  Of course, if I go the Togo one, my husband might tease me about having a dead Dalmatian on the wall, like he did with this epic fail of a project I attempted in our old bathroom.

A little Chinoisorie anyone?  Or, how 'bout some Ikat?  Maybe a trellis print is more your speed.

BUT, if I had to choose right now, and I was going to do it for sure...I would choose this one below...

As you can see the print is huuuuuge.  It has been my favorite fabric for a very long time and I have been waiting for just the right place to use it.  It will be somewhere in the apartment. Where, is still to be determined.

So, if you are feeling brave enough, I found the instructions for undertaking this project.  Who knows, I might just buck up and try it myself. 

Things You'll Need:

  • Thin fabric (quilt cotton or gauze)
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Fabric starch
  • Paint pan
  • Paint roller
  • Sponge
  • Gentle wall cleaner
  • Push pins
  • Craft knife 
  1. Measure the height of the wall, using a measuring tape. Add 3 inches to this measurement. This will be the length of the fabric panels you cut.

  2. Cut lengths of thin fabric to the correct length, using scissors. The number of panels you'll cut depends on the width of your walls and how many walls you want to cover. Remove the selvages, or tightly woven side edges, from all panels.

  3. Remove dirt or film from the walls with a sponge and gentle wall cleaner. Rinse the wall with clear water until all traces of cleaner are removed.

  4. Pour starch into the paint pan until it is about half full. Use the roller to put starch on the wall at one corner where you will start to cover it. Roll starch on the top half of the wall. Add a generous amount of starch so that it will soak into the fabric.

  5. Place a fabric panel on the wall, leaving 1 1/2 inch hanging above the wall top as overlap, to be cut off later. Smooth the fabric with the roller to remove bubbles. Place a row of pushpins at the top of the fabric to help hold it in place.

  6. Apply a layer of starch on top of the fabric, using the roller. Use a generous amount so the fabric is completely saturated.

  7. Add more starch to the wall farther down and attach more of the panel to the wall. Smooth the fabric, then add more starch on top of the fabric. Continue in this manner until the entire panel is attached to the wall and soaked with starch liquid.

  8. Apply starch to the wall next to the first panel to attach the second one. Stick this panel to the wall in the same way as the first. Continue adding fabric panel until your wall or room is covered.

  9. Trim the excess fabric from the top and bottom of the wall with scissors after the fabric has completely dried.


Alternative to Wallpaper

First off, let me just say...I'm not typically a stencil kind of gal.  I'm not trying to sound snobby or snooty, they just always looked a little too "cut and paste" for me.  They have had a bad connotation associated with them for a long while in design, due to prior visions of ivy and chickens framing the windows and doors in grandmas kitchen.  But, there are new options nowadays, that, done right, can look just as upscale as that designer wallpaper you've been eying.  The large-scale, modern prints really bring the competition to a new level, and offer renters and budget-minded folk a big bang for their buck. 

One thing that I want to keep in mind here, is that, I am renting.  I know there is removable wallpaper nowadays, but, it can get semi-expensive, plus you have to pay someone to install it (I know better than trying it myself!)  The costs just keep adding up, and in the end you are investing a ton of money into someplace you will be leaving in a couple/few years.  Now, if you were staying there indefinitely...I think it would be worth it.  But, that's not that case, I think I need to take a serious look at this idea for those reasons alone.

 I like the soft look of the peacock feathers above.  I would do this probably exactly as shown (or even change the small yellow accents to a metallic gold. Oooooo...yum.

 both found here

 The flowers above are really sweet, and remind me of a lot of all the super fun, floral paper out there right now.  What makes it even better is that you could customize the colors to fit your needs.  I would probably tone these down color wise for my purposes...but, oh, the options.

Below though, I have to say, is the front-runner...

I'm loooooving lace right now.  It would be a nice alternative to the lace wallpapers that I showed you yesterday.  It's soft, light, and delicate. But, the large-scale pattern keeps it current and not toooo sticky sweet.  I would keep it in the super light grey and white. I tossed around making the grey a metallic silver instead, but I think that would make the contrast too harsh and severe.  Not what I'm going for.

How do you feel about the wallpaper vs. stencil idea?  Do you think that stencils offer a viable alternative to wallpaper.  Or, is it just a cheap knockoff, that looks second rate?  I know my opinion...just wondering what the consensus is with you all.  Thoughts?


Wallcovering Conundrum

I dare you, guess what color scheme I'm going for.  I know you'll neeeeever guess, so I'll just tell you.  Grey.   I know, you are SO surprised.

So this post...gonna be involved.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.  In fact, I think this might be a week long theme.  I mean, kids, there is a lot to cover.  The options are literally endless, and it's a little overwhelming when trying to make a decision.  And, for someone like me...who wants to try it all...well, my little head might just explode. 

Now, I'm just going to talk about the living room here, because that's what I'm going to hit first, but, the other rooms are also floating around, so, keep that in mind as well.  Let me give you a little idea of what I am going for.

I would like to keep the living room relatively neutral.   The kitchen will have color (hehe.)  But, the living room, I want (the walls at least) to have less color, as I need to keep things as light as possible due to the lack of natural light in there already.

Let me just start by saying, my first choice is this...

...aaaaand I can't have it.  Not because it's too expensive (although it probably is,) or even because it's too girlie (I'm sure it is) but, because the only places they sell it is Sweden and Norway, it's not even available online.  Right. It sure is gorgeous though isn't it.  I know you feel my pain.

Soooo, moving on to things I can actually buy.  Let me preface this by saying, that although the landlords (we rent) have kinda given me free reign (silly them,) they are 2 young dudes, and I need to keep the permanent things (wallpaper) semi-gender-neutral.  Or, at least, not completely feminine.  It's difficult for me...but, you know, it ain't my place really (although we are probably staying here for a few years) and I need to keep that in mind.  That being said, here are some viable options...

I like the ones above, especially the one on the right.  I might get a sample and make sure that it is a pure white and grey, not a cream, as, I'm afraid, it will turn yellow in the low light.  It' s so hard to truly tell from a picture online.

The choices below I like because they are delicate and light.  They are also something that I can replicate by painting it on the wall, instead of having to actually buy the wallpaper ($!!!)  The one on the right you might recognize as the pattern that has been chosen for my clients' bathroom and will be painting for them.  So, maybe a little bit of practice would be fab.  Also, the first one, I would do in silver and gold.  But, the pattern is so light it won't read "VEGAS!" 

The two wallpapers below are some of my front-runners now.  I love the idea of lace, large print lace specifically.  Especially the one on the left.  I have had it saved and chosen for almost a month.  In fact, when I first saw it, I said, "That's it!"  It's perfect...except for the price-tag.  Which is, let's just say, more than I want to do.  I will show you some of the possibilities for ideas on how I can have this look without paying the hefty price tag tomorrow.  But, for now, moving on.  As if I don't have enough choices as it is. 

So from the lace we move into the geometric options below.  Now, the first one, has lacy feel (because you know I love lace!) but, the second has not a curve or frill in sight. 

Yes, there is more.  First off....TOILE!  I looooooove toile.  Love.  There will be toile somewhere in the apartment.  Just saying. The other two are sweet and interesting in their own right.

Now, I know I said no flowers, but, I had to squeeze a couple in.  I mean come's me.  They are just so pretty.

So, there is my intro to wallpaper week. I have quite a few options and I thought you might enjoy seeing what I'm trying to decide between, and maybe even toss in your two cents along the way.

I will touch base tomorrow on some other options I have to contemplate.  Yes, I know...more?  Yup.  Til then!


Textile Art

I am completely loving the massive (46"x52")  piece of textile art from a place aptly named Textile Arts.  What a statement it would make.  It is definitely on my "list."  Colorful and different make me happy, plus, that extra depth that only fabric can bring.

Here are a few more options.  Some are even on clearance!  They have a ton of fabric options, as well as ready-made kits.  Soft, Modern, Abstract, Floral, they have it all.  I have been stalking them for several years now, and I think I'm just about ready to cave and get something for the new place. 

Another cool thing is they also have wallpaper.  Mostly of the Marimekko sort.  But, a nice assortment none-the-less.  Lots of fun right?  See, not EVERYTHING I like has to be flowers and lace?  I like a little modern mixed in there too!  Got to keep it interesting.  Right?  So did you see anything interesting to you?


So Many Wallpapers...

I am totally, obnoxiously, pathetically, and helplessly, head over heels, in love with this wallpaper mural from Athro.   I was telling myself that, in our new place, I was going to try and dial down the over-the-top girly-ness that I tend to succumb to more often than not.  But, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to resist this.  It's just too fabulous.  It's HUGE, and I love the softness of it. So, much for keeping things gender neutral in my place.  Poor hubby of mine.

Here is another one below that I think is really fantastic.  I think it could be lovely if used sparingly in the kitchen.  Hmmmm, things to contemplate.

Another more graphic option . Maybe, for a bathroom?

Aaaaaand, for those of you, who have an affinity for gold right now...

Something a little bolder...

No QUITE as girlie with a grasscloth, Japanese flair...

Powder Room anyone?  Back to girlie!  Very classic.

These are just a few of the papers I am loving right now, I'm sure I will be sharing more with you in the future, as wallpaper is back in big way, and I am on the bandwagon.  Which ones here are to your liking? Would you be brave enough to do any of these?  Or, do you prefer your wallpaper to be a little less obvious?  Hmmmm?


Jocelyn Warner - A Little Wallpaper Love

I've been browsing a little wallpaper as of late and have found several from Jocelyn Warner that make me smile inside.   They are soft, feminine, and large scale.  For some reason, I definitely find myself gravitating toward large scale patterns in a big way, love them.  Then of course, the leaves/flower motif is no big surprise I'm sure...that's nothing new for me.  The metallic options for "leaf" specifically, are really fabulous.  So much so, that they make my little creative mind kick into overdrive. 

They also offer pillows and lamp shades covered in their fantastic patterns for the non-committal type.  Kind of love it all!  Any preference on your end?  Which pattern would you not mind seeing in your home?

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