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Hello, Hello!!!

How's everyone doing?  It's been a while since I've updated the blog, so I figured it was time.   Today, I would like to introduce you to a baby boy's nursery I'm just finishing up.  My fabulous client is very similar to me, as in, we are not into the cutesy, cutesy nurseries.  We wanted this space to have somewhat of an edge, and be able to grow with the child.  It is maximalist to the nth degree!  It is also incredibly small...so, we needed to fit a lot(!) into a little space.  I think we achieved our goal. 

The wallpaper was the jumping point.  My husband jokes that 1974 called and they want their wallpaper back.  I roll my eyes, and keep on LOVING the choices we've made.  The fabric/trim swatch you see above will be the cornice/curtains/rocking chair pillow.  Again, it ain't shy!  But, what an impact it will make! 

All of the trim is in BM's Hale Navy.  I wanted something drastic to contrast with the wallpaper and make a statement.

So, I think that covers it for now.  I'll pop back in when this fantastic space is finished!  Alllllmost there!!!

Have a great day everyone!  

Talk soon!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE it Nichole. Colorful and unique....just right!

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