Client Master Bedroom

Hello all!

 Just wanted to drop in to show you the latest space I finished.   This is a wonderful, return client.  I did her first house, several years ago and have been working toward making their current home lovely as well.   Since I designed their former Master, we kept some of the elements she liked already (the headboard, the nightstands, the throw) and built around them.  She wanted a lighter, brighter feel.  So we went white with the walls, and linens.  The rug was something she picked up along the way, and wanted incorporated into the space.  The color palate was decided upon based on some of the artwork she liked.  She has excellent taste and as I sifted through her want list, I saw a cohesive plan emerging.  

I have to admit, I was frustrated, and conflicted in how to deal with the random window to the right of the headboard.  It's a mid century home, and they liked to stick odd little windows in awkward places.  Since hiding it wasn't an option, I decided to use it instead.  I thought a gallery wall might work to offset the window, and we went from there.  It turned out even better than I thought it would. 

So, there you have it.

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet.  I'm looking forward to actually shooting this home, eventually.  That's going to be a while though, as we have several more spaces to complete.  I'll keep popping in with updates and little peeks as time goes on though.  Have a wonderful day!

Talk soon!


Alice Gray said...

Nice bedroom...keep working hard on that!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Where is the headboard from? Thank you!

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