Client Family Room

Good day to everyone!

I thought I  might give you a little glimpse of a client's family room that was finished a few months ago.  These are just iphone pics and don't do it justice, but something is better than nothing right?  And that's all I got, right now.  I'd like to have this home photographed before it's all said and done...however that may take a while...so, here you go.  

This space is a family room that happens to be in the basement.  Hence, the funky half windows.  There also happens to be a ledge around the perimeter of the room that I wanted to disappear as much as possible.  We went with a medium/dark grey over walls and trim to make the space uniform.  I know you hear that dark rooms, need light colors on the walls.  I disagree.  It's a dark room...why not work with that, and make it a cocoon-like space that hugs you when you're in it.  Make it moody, and interesting, and don't fight the fact that it's dark at all.  Use it.  So we did.  We added tile, the same color as the walls, and had the gray envelope the space.  It made for a nice blank canvas to add in the interesting parts. 

My client wanted a sectional down there for comfort and more seating, as well as two club chairs that needed to be re-upholstered.   We upholstered the chairs in a similar medium grey.  The sectional, although you can't tell it from the pic, is a deep, dark teal color.  The pillows on the chairs mirror that color as well.   The rug was from their previous home (that I also decorated,) and it needed to work in the space.  I think it adds a nice pop of color and interest. 

 Next up, what makes this room unique....the artwork.  There are three pieces across the back wall, all very large.  That wall was a challenge, for sure.  One, it was a half wall...the ledge acted as a boundary.  Two, the majority of the living space was shifted over to the right (as shown here.)  Across from the TV (not shown.)   The layout was a little tricky, especially since those windows weren't necessarily where I would have liked them to be.  It was awkward to be sure.  So even though the art isn't centered over the sofa (which I was worried would drive me nuts.)  They've got enough weight and size to offset the funky windows AND hold down the room as a whole, instead of in different pieces. Does that make sense?   

So there you have it.  A cozy family room, with personality to spare.  Next up...the Master Bedroom.  Have a wonderful day everyone...talk soon!

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