A Gentleman's Study

Good day all!

 Happy Valentines Day!  And, in honor of Valentines Day, I have my hubby on my mind.  So if this board looks a little more masculine that my average board...that's why.  I thought I'd design him a library/office.  He's never been able to have one before due to space, and I thought this might make him feel a little better about it.  

I started with the artwork by Anewall, and took my color cues from it.  Muted greens and browns being dominant.  Found the sofa in a rich chocolate with fringe (yum,) and added the sumptuous green silk pillows for comfort.  The rug is something special, adding pattern and texture.  The chair and ottoman are perfect for him.  He's a big guy, so it needed to be large enough to accommodate, and he's always looking to put his feet up.  

So, those are the major components of the room.  It would be fun someday to be able to give him a space like this.  Just for him.  

Hope you like this board...some may find it stuffy, but I think it's just right for a man of a certain age (ahem,) to lounge in and enjoy.  Tell me what you think!  

Have a wonderful V-day!  Talk soon! 

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