Neutral But Not Boring!

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well!

So, the move went well and we are now settling into our home.  It was a little on the brutal side...but, that's moving, right?  But, it's over and we are grateful to be where we need to be for our son.  He started school a couple of days ago, and is doing so well!  Phew!!! 

 Anyway, thought I'd pop in and bring a bit of pretty with me.  This board is something I could totally see in my own bedroom.  Neutral, yes, but not boring.  The artwork (by Brooke Shaden) was the jumping point and the gorgeous bed came quickly after.  And so on and so forth.   This space truly is a mixing of old and new.  Which I love dearly to do.  In fact, it's the crux of who I am as a designer.  

Hope you like it.  Have a wonderful, wonderful day today!  

Talk soon!

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