Dining Room Possibilities

So today, we're going to have a chat about my dining room.  Above, you will see what I've been thinking.  Now mind you, this is my IDEAL set up.  The chairs and the table are sold.  But, they still represent where I'm headed, so I included them.  I'm wondering how much it would be to have a table like the one above recreated.  Obviously, this one is vintage and like I said sold, and in someone else's home.  Which stinks, cause it's EXACTLY what I want.  Modern, clean lines, mixed with ornate antiques.  Could anything be more glorious?  I want the table to be black/dark, dark grey.  I need something to anchor the space.  Not to mention be sturdy and easily cleanable.  My current dining table has a glass top, and although it's pretty, it's not exactly practical.  Especially with a very active 4 year old.  Lot's of fingerprints, everywhere!  So anyway...that's the table.

The chairs, oh where to start.  They are perfection.  Hopefully, I can find a similar shaped set, and then I can reupholster them in that amazing green velvet.  They are just so special.  The sideboard is a piece I already own.  I've had it for several years now and I still LOVE it.  She's a big girl for sure, but she provides so much storage, and the lovely wood grain with the ornate hardware.  So pretty!  That's what I'm saying folks.  Splurge on pieces you LOVE.  That can stand the test of time, moving with you as you go.  That's the best advice I can give my clients!  For sure!

The artwork is from Anewall.  And, if you've been following along for any amount of time, you would know, that this has been on my want list for a long while now.  I would want it to be in the largest size available to take up the almost the entire wall above the sideboard. The idea is for it to be an unobtrusive backdrop for the space.  Large and in charge, but not loud or attention stealing.  

The chandelier is a stand-in for what I have in mind.  I MIGHT have just found MY chandelier through the Makerista's insta account.   Luckily we are in the same city, and she came across a great chandelier when thrifting.  Posted it.  And I'm like, "That's my chandelier!"  So, I'm going to go and snatch it up this morning!  Very exciting!  

So, I think that covers the design.  Hope you enjoyed the break-down.  Do you like posts like this?  Where I break-down the design blow-by-blow?  And, what I'm thinking on each piece and why? 

 Ok, so have a lovely day!  Talk soon!!!


Georgianna said...

I really love this room! I feel inspired by your creativity so thanks for sharing. I love that print too, especially on such a large scale. I love large scale art.

Mary said...

Yes, I love this kind of posts. So keep them coming.
You mentioned you liked your current table but the glass top was impractical. Can you replace it with a stone piece? Maybe you could find a remnant big enough & have it fabricated. Just a thought.

Georgianna said...

I just saw this table and thought of your vintage table that sold. It's not exactly the same but the black marble reminded me of it.


They have other tables of similar shape but concrete material instead of marble.

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