Black and Blue

Good day all!!!

How many of you have heard that blue and black don't mix?  Well, I whole-heartedly disagree!  And, above is a good example of why they play nicely together (with a little mauve thrown in for spice.)  Everything you see here is vintage (except the side tables and pillows.)  It makes for such an interesting space.  You won't find this look in a big box store!  And, there's a reason for that.  It's special, and different.  I'm sooo tired of everything being gray or from Joanna Gaines.  If I see any more shiplap, or modern farmhouse, I might scream, puke or both...simultaneously.  What I'm saying here is, be original, find what YOU like and stick to it.  There are SO MANY people and even designers out there who are slaves to the trends.  And, as a result, there is no variety, nothing unique about what I'm seeing right now.  Which is a crying shame.  We are all individuals, shouldn't our homes reflect that?    Just like what we wear, where we spend our time when we are home, should be a mirror displaying who WE are.  THAT'S what an interior designer is FOR, to build a space that is both stylish and speaks to YOU.  Reflects YOU.  Anyway...rant over.  I'm just so tired of seeing the same thing everywhere and needed a safe place to vent.   Does anyone else see what I see in design right now?  Cookie cutter homes/spaces? 

Hope everyone has a wonderful and UNIQUE day!  

Talk soon!

p.s. -  The killer artwork is by John O'Hara.  
He has some wonderful pieces!   Go check him out!


mj said...

Love this navy, blue and black combo. Agree with you about everything looking so the ‘same’. I can’t live with only white walls and boho style pillows. I love vintage and the mashing of patterns and textures. Thank you for your post, loved reading it!

Shauna said...

Totally agree! I actually have a navy and black pallet going in my house. LOVE it. Used to think they don't go together and now LOVE them! Clothes too. LOVE the pattern on the chairs, where are those from? Or do you know the fabric?

Nichole Loiacono said...

Shauna -

I don't know the fabric! ) = But the chairs are off of Chairish, and apparently the fabric is also a performance fabric !!! Win/win! Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Love the black-blue combination especially with the mauve for a different splash of color. Couldn't agree more about the tiresome farmhouse look. I look at blogs for decorating ideas but it's hard to see any new ideas. Thanks for your post.

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