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Hello All!  

So, there have been, and are continuing to be some big changes going on in life right now for me.   Our house is currently under contract and we are going through inspections and all that that entails, which in and of itself could make a girl go batty!  We bought this little gem of a house just a year and a half ago...so, why are we moving AGAIN then?  Well, it's a looong story that I won't bore you with..but once again, we are moving for our son.  The schools in KC proper ain't great, and prior to moving here we had pegged a private school that seemed to be able to give my son the support he needs.  As a reminder...my son has Autism.  High Functioning Autism, but still Autism.  As we were trying to get him into preschool this Fall with said school, it turned out that they were NOT able to provide him the supports he needed.  Surprise!!!  F%&K!!!   So, we are moving to a suburb, with amazing schools for a child with his needs.  Downside....suburbia.  No old beautiful homes with mature trees.  Almost every house looks like the one next to it.  Etc, etc. etc.  It's a necessary move but, I'm also mourning the loss of living somewhere I love.  It won't be the same, however, it's a necessary move.  Life is what it is.  

I thought I might show you some of what I was able to get done in the short time we've lived here.  I didn't get to finish my son's room, the family room, or the Master.  But, I got pretty darn close everywhere else.  There are still things I would have done, but whatever. 

 This is our little living room.  I pieced it together with Craigslist finds and what we already had.  It's so cozy and happy feeling to me.  Not necessarily how I would have done it had we had the money, but a girls gotta work with what she has, right? 

This is the entrance/a shot of our sweet fireplace.  It's such a welcoming space.  

 Another angle of the living room... 

...and another.  

Below is our dining room.  Most of the lighting on the main floor was replaced.  I looooove this chandelier with the black shades.  It gives the space such a feeling of intimacy.  And, the curtains, really cocoon the room.  I love pink and navy together. 

Next up, is the Breakfast Nook. The table is too large and there are no chairs...but it's such a fun little space.  The original built-ins are still there, and the nook in the wall is the perfect place for art. 

So now, we are moving on to the kitchen.  This room was my biggest labor of love. 

Originally, the cabinets were all white.  The stove and the fridge traded places.  I decided when I first walked in that the cabinets would be black on bottom and white on top.  I thought it would modernize the space and yet still keep the nostalgia that made the space great.  I picked my appliances accordingly.  If you'll notice the microwave is white.  It was a big gamble, but I think it paid off.  If we were staying I would have continued with the black and white and added some horizontal 1" striped wallpaper.  Ahhhh, what might have been. 

and last, is the bath...God, I love that floor.  So much here was left undone.  I planned to have a custom shower curtain made, and instead of the ugly blinds, have a custom shade made.  I still think it's a sweet, interesting place to use the facilities though. 

So, that's all I have for you.  The bedrooms are faaaar from done, so I didn't want to show them.  Sorry.  You know how it is.  No point in showing them if they can't do you proud.  Right?  

  I'll continue to pop in here from time to time with updates.  Thanks so much for coming along and enjoying my little abode as it is.  I will miss this home very much, it was a sanctuary for my family and I'll never forget that feeling.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Talk soon...til next time!


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

The house looks fabulous! I LOVE the painting over the sofa in the living room! Good luck with the move.

Anonymous said...

I love what you were able to do. Just lovely. I've read your blog for a long time. You're much too hard on yourself. Good luck with your son!

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