Clay Project - Media Room and Kitchen

Hello all!

Today is the Clay Media Room and Kitchen.  

The eggplant walls in the Media Room, were already chosen and painted when I was brought on, so I thought maybe we could make it cocoon like, and use eggplant velvet drapes to make it feel warm and cozy.  It worked.   The leather sectional sofa was also already chosen, so we just warmed it up with some pillows.  The credenza below the TV is truly a special piece.  It needed to be just right to fit.  I wanted to make sure there was plenty of seating in here for when they are entertaining.  The extra little chairs in front of the windows provide just that. 

The leopard rug, is probably my favorite part of this room.  It adds some much needed panash, right?  It's just such a  unique space, and I love that about it.  That fireplace has my heart.  It's hard to tell in the pics but it's tall.  The TV is obviously the focal point in the room.  But the fireplace is a close second.  As it should be. 

Onto the kitchen.  The kitchen is truly special.  All I needed to do was zhush it up a little.  Hence, the lovely rug.  That sucker is looooong.  But, it really warms the space up and provides a bit of color to this neutral kitchen. 

Another angle.  I won't be using all these shots in my portfolio, but I wanted to give you guys as much to look at as possible.  Even if they aren't perfect pics.  Below, is a lovely little bench area.  We made a cushion out of faux white croc, and the pillows from the leftover fabric from the daybed.  It really is a sweet little nook. 

So, there you have it.  The Clay Project in all it's glory.  Thanks for enjoying all these pics with me.  It was fun to share them finally.  If you have any questions let me know and I will answer them to the best of my ability.  

'Til next time...

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