Clay Project - Library and Dining Room

Today, I'm going to show you the Clay Project Library, and Dining Room.  First up...Library.  It's a very small space between the Foyer and the Living Room.   But, it was just perfect for a little sitting space to read or relax.  The ceiling is the showstopper here.  It brings a bit of special into a possibly otherwise, bland space.  

The Ming chairs are upholstered in a white, faux ostrich fabric.  We bought two separate sets of chairs and unified them with the upholstery.   The little stump was a 1st Dibs find.  It adds some earthiness to the polished space.  

Above is a view from the Library, into the back of the Living Room, where their piano resides.  It was a true pain to find a bench that was the right dimensions for the piano without being an actual (boring) "piano bench." 

Above is a good shot of the custom window cornices.  They are simple, but still interesting.  They definitely add to the feel of the space.

Ok, so this lady was in the plan from almost the beginning.  She was originally intended for the Living Room where the large mirror is.  However, she was competing for attention with the art over the fireplace and that was a no, no.  Plus, this spot was begging for a statement piece.  So, it all worked out swimmingly.    

Annnnd, that's the Library...next up...Dining Room.

This room was the hardest to photograph.  And I mean hard.  The light was sparse to say the least.  Not many of my shots turned out in here.  I'm still learning to use my DSLR, not to mention Photoshop.  So, don't hate on me too bad.   I'm not a pro.  

The wallpaper is the obvious scene stealer here.  It's so, so lovely.  The homeowner has admitted to now being obsessed with blue and white.  Can't say I blame her. 

The art is from NG Collective Studio.   It's a great source for abstract art. 

 The above, is looking into the kitchen (more to come on that, at a later date.)  Aren't those sconces killer!

The chairs are from Black Rooster and are lovely.  They did however, take an obnoxious amount of time to arrive.  But, once they did, it worked.  

So there you have it.  The Library and Dining Room.  Thanks so much for looking and reading with me.  Hopefully, you like what you see and will come back and hang with me here from time to time.

Next up...the Media Room and Kitchen.  

'Til then... 

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