So, I have it on good authority (Benjamin Moore) that red is going to be big this year.  Which makes me laugh a little, because, in all honesty, I'm not that fond of it.  I mean, I don't hate it.  But, it's not something I use all that often either.  So, I went about making a board, using red, that I could live with.  Maybe even like.  This is what I came up with.  

The art is the crux and the jumping point of the design.  I just die over it. Maybe a little dramatic I know, but, it's over 7 grand, so, yeah.  The piece is by Katherine Fraser.  The title of it?...Second to None.  Perfect.

The bed is next.  It was originally from Dwell Studio.  But, I believe has been discontinued.  Which is a crying shame, because it is gorgeous.  The rug, was originally sourced from esalerugs.com it's also gone.  Sold, I imagine, to some lucky buyer.  The lamps were from 1st Dibs, and I am intensely jealous of whoever snatched them.  They were on my want list forever.  

So what are your thoughts on the room?  What about red in general?  Is it something you can imagine living with every day?  I think, if my room were like this one.  I would be just fine with it.   

'Til next time. 


Mary said...

I had red in my home back in the early 2000’s. I can’t do it now. It doesn’t work with my current style.
The room you put together is amazing! Love the bed.

Kate said...

I think red is a fabulous colour, but tough to work with. It's so rich, so it can be overpowering in some settings.

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