Our New "Old" House

 Hey all!  

Today, I thought I might introduce you to our new "old" home.  She was built in 1932.  We moved in a few months ago and are currently settling in.  But this is how the house looked prior to our possession of it.  I'll take you room by room and show you what it used to look like.  And in some cases (not all) what it looked like once it was painted.  There were 3 rooms that needed immediate attention paint-wise.  The Living room, the Dining room, and the Master bedroom.  Below is the Living Room as we first saw it.  Not terrible, but forgettable. 

 As you can see it's a lovely little space.  That fireplace is special, and the windows and french door let in a lot of much needed light.  Below is what I decided to paint it...


This is mid paint job, so the coverage isn't consistent everywhere.  But, you get the idea.  I wanted a crisp, true white, to freshen the room up a bit.  Modernize it.  I think it turned out well.  I'll show you more pics in time.  But, for now...this is what you get.  ( =

Also, as you can see in the second pic, the floors are raw/bare.  As in, they have no finish on them.  That's a whole other story.  And, its a very bad, expensive and depressing one.  So, I won't go into it now.  But, needless to say they finally got refinished.

Below, is the original Dining Room.  I walked in and looked at it like, yup, I can fix this.  Where other people may have been like.  OMG!!!   Yes, that is poop brown in the insets.  Why anyone would paint a dining room that color is beyond me.  It was god-awful. 

 Below, you will see what I chose for the space.  When my husband saw the color on the chip he looked me dead in the eyes and said "It's f@%&ing pink!"  Yup, I painted my dining room "F@%&ing Pink!!!"  Or, more precisely, kind of a dusty mauve color.  I love it.  And after it was up, he did too. 

 This is where you are going to stop seeing the progress shots.  Sorry.  I just haven't gotten any further in the painting process.  Other than the Master, which I sure as hell won't show you (it's a disaster right now,) nothing else has been painted.  I'm living with it 'til I figure it out.

Next up is the Kitchen.  Two things you can say about it is, it's yellow, and it's small.  It also has the original cabinets.  Which made me giddy when I first saw it.  Sure they are a little rickety.  But, they are still gorgeous.  

Here's the other side...

We flip-flopped the refrigerator and the stove/microwave to be where the other was, when we moved in.  It was better for us, and the kitchen.  Looks much better too.  Will have to save a pic of that for another time.  As far as my plans for this little jewel.  It involves black and white.  Surprise, Surprise, I know.  I just looove that scheme so much.  It will be perfect in here if I ever get around to doing it. 

In between the Dining Room and the Kitchen is this darling little Breakfast Nook.  It's yellow too, and tiny.  So much so, that I need to get a table that will actually fit in it.  Notice the little niche' too.  Yeah, those are all over the house.  So sweet.  


So, I have a love/hate thing with the bathroom.   First off, look at that floor.  When I first saw it online, I was beside myself.  It's so cool.  And it still is.  However, I wanted to wallpaper this room.  Well, the whole house really, but it ain't happening.  Why?  Because every single friggin' wall in the house has texture to it.  It's not smooth.  DAMN!!!!!!  I like paint as much as the next girl, but seriously, I was looking forward to doing something special with this space.  I'm still thinking on it, though.  I'll come up with something.   

Last, but not least, is the Master Bedroom.  Oy vey!!!   It looked like it was part of a completely different house.  Like a ski lodge or something.  So. much. WOOD!   Now people, I know this might upset some of you.  But, just remember.  It's my home, and I have a vision.  And, that ain't a ski lodge.  So, I painted it.  All white.  I would have painted the stinking flooring too if it weren't Pergo.  We are going to replace the floor eventually.  But, that's a ways down the road.  

So, there you have it.  Our new "old" home.  It's small, but it's cozy.  And, I love all of the original features that are still in it.  So special.  I have a lot to alter/fix/generally make pretty.   Will you follow along with me?  

'Til next time. 


Anonymous said...

In a way your new-old home reminds me of Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage. She did wonders with that and I look forward to seeing how you transform this jewel.

Mary said...

I’m not worried. I know in due time you’ll make your house fabulous. As for the textured walls & not being able to apply wallpaper, you can always stencil them.

Elizabeth said...

I cannot wait to see what you do with your Master Bedroom. Those beams! It's going to be gorgeous! We had swirl textured drywall or layers and layers of painted wallpaper, and the seams were starting to show, on 70% of our walls. I couldn't stand it so we had thinner drywall, I think 1/4", adhered over these walls and we installed a taller wall base. It's so much better!

Ginene Nagel said...

Oh, I love the house. But, girl you will never be happy unless you paint the dark part of the windows white, too. Maybe that is one your list.

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