Dewey James and Halloween!

So, I thought, instead of doing something obvious for Halloween, I might just make a bit of a spooky board instead.  Something interesting and possibly a little garish.  Ok, maybe a lot garish.  But, hey, it's Halloween, I'm allowed to explore different looks and feels, right?  This one was a little difficult for me to hash out, though, in all honesty.  It's so far from my normal.  

So, the starting point was the artwork.  Which is by Dewey James.  Most of her work is dark, surreal and/or whimsical all at the same time.  The piece above is aptly named "Out of the Rabbit Hole."  The one below, is actually one that my lovely, (and red headed) Aunt bought for her own home.  Magical, isn't it.   

I made another board for your enjoyment (and mine.)  This one is much more my speed, but still, has a dark feel.  Again, using Dewey James' beautiful work.

So which board do you like better? 

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!  

'Til next time...

1 comment:

Janet Long said...

I like the one with the green couch. Very dramatic.

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