Chairish...My Faves, Part One

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So, today, I thought I might share with you some of my favorites that I have found over on Chairish. I frequent this site, not only for clients, but for myself as well.  It's second only to 1st Dibs, as far as sourcing sites go, for me.  It (like 1st Dibs) can get a little pricey.  But, you can also find absolute gems for next to nothing if you look and move on it fast enough.  Today is the pillows and furniture.  Enjoy!!!

Above are my furniture picks.   These only scratch the surface of my faves, and I missed a lot.  But, these stood out, to me, either in shape, color, etc. Click on the number for the link...
1.  These chairs are opulent.  They are also almost 6 grand, so ... but that upholstery is just yummy.
 2.  This etagere is such a sweet little piece. 
 3.  Burlwood.  Need I say more?
4. These Fauteuil chairs are glorious, are they not.  Ugh, that color.  If I had the money, these would be mine!
5. Antique Swedish Mora Clock.  I've been coveting one of these forever!  So classic!
6.  Ebony Wicker Egg Chair.  The shape of this chair is just lovely. 
7.  This grey lacquer sideboard is spectacular.  what a statement piece!
8. Green leather and Mohair...need I say more?  Wow!

So, there you go.  I'll be back soon, to give you Part Two!  

'Til then...

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