Ysabel LeMay and then some

Hello all.  

How are things on your side of the screen?  Hopefully decent.  I don't post nearly as much anymore, and when I do I keep it light and happy.  But, I have to be honest.  It's been a doozy of a few months.  We moved back to KC.  Which is wonderful, however, we are staying with family and I'm missing having my own home.  Also, and most importantly, my 2 year old son, Roman, was finally diagnosed with Autism.  I say finally, because I've known since he was nine months old that there was something off.  And to finally have it confirmed was a release and a earth shattering moment all in one.  We currently go to therapy for 20 hrs a week.  Hoping to give him a chance at a normal life (whatever that is.)  So yeah.  Some rough shit.  But, we are trying to pull together as a family and meet this head on.  I'm striving to be positive (not a strength of mine, I'm more of a realist) as he was so young when we caught it and there is a chance of essentially rewiring his brain.  We'll see how he progresses.  But either way he is our sweet little boy and we love him unconditionally. No matter what.

 Annnnnd, that has been my life the past few months.    Just wanting to share a little more than fabulous art and design related stuff.  Get a little more personal, and share some of my life with you all.  Not too often...just every once in a while. 

But now....the time has come to speak of prettier things.  To lift the mood and enjoy the beauty of art.  So today I have the work of Ysabel LeMay to show you.  I came across her on Saatchi.  Her work is so complex while keeping a dreamy quality that makes her unique.  It all feels so "garden of Eden,"  Take a gander...

What do you think. Lovely right?  
She has a ton more work than what I've shown today.  It's all magical.  

Also, thank you for listening to my rambling.  It helps to get it out and actually see it on the screen.  We have been in limbo for so long it's hard to remember there is an earth anymore.  But, this too shall pass.  Right?   

Please take care.

Til next time....


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