Obsessed With Brooke Shaden

Hi all.  I wanted to pop in first off just to say hi.  
It's been a while.  But, also to share. 

I love art.  It brings a room to life and puts the stamp of the owner's personality on it.  It's such an integral part of any design, and likewise, typically carries one of the highest price-tags.  But, owning works of art like the ones featured today is a real dream of mine, and one I hold for every client I work with.  They can literally change the mood of a room.  These insanely glorious works come from Brooke Shaden.  She is without a doubt one of my favorites.   There is a feeling of melancholy in her pieces that resonates with me.  They are so heartrendingly beautiful that it's hard to look away.  I love it when art makes you feel something beyond just the initial beauty of it.

I hope some of these pieces speak to you as they do to me.  Thanks for still coming to visit me here (all 2 of you.)  I will continue to update and share as I am inspired to.  I find I use this blog for a record for myself, as much as a space to share with others.  Talk soon all.  

Til next time...

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