Clay Living Update

Hello all. 

So here are some updated pics from the Clay Project. For those of you following me on my instagram account you have already seen a couple of these. The project itself is slowwwwwly creeping along. But, I always love when I get progress shots. Makes my day. 

So check it out....those Venini lamps never hurt anyone.  Oh my, it's hard to look at them they are so lovely.  Like looking directly into the sun.  Also digging the custom console.  Nice and streamlined.

Annnnd, my favorite piece of art ever.  From the dear Ashley Woodson Bailey.  We had it made in a custom size for above the fireplace.  

Another shot of the Venini Lamps behind that schexy hunk of a sofa.   Yum.

Check out  those urns.  So unique.  I just think them sitting atop their acrylic pedestals equals perfection.  Another interesting layer.  We've still got a loooong way to go.  Countless chairs to be re-upholstered.  Wallpaper to be installed in the library and dining rooms.  Not to mention all the details that are still yet to be found.  But, the basics are starting to arrive which is thrilling.  

 just to remind you. This...

...is where we are heading.  As each piece is chosen and arrives we are that much closer.  Making me an intensely excited lady.   I think that is where I leave you today.  My son is screaming in his playpen, which I have dutifully been ignoring as I type.  But, in the hope I don't scar him too much, or give him some sort of complex, I'll go and pick him up, which is all he wants.  Bad Mommy.  But sometimes a girl just needs to update her blog.  Am I right?  Ha.

Til next time.

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emily said...

so luxe! I just love the strong color and amazing shapes you are using.

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