Clay Media Room Update

Hello, hello.  

I am alive and reasonably well.  Just trying to make it through this Chicago winter, which I am officially and undeniably OVER!  My son has decided to skip crawling and go straight to trying to walk.  The emphasis here is on trying.  We've already had several bumps and bruises.  Which not only breaks my heart, but simultaneously makes me look like a baby beater.  Pray to all that is holy, that my son lives to see his first birthday.

Yeah, exciting times here.

Anyway....Thought I'd pop in with a bitty update for you.  This project is unfortunately out of state for me, and therefore I rely solely on the mercies and goodwill of my client to send pics.  I, otherwise, would most likely be over there weekly to catch a view.  I'm sure they are glad that I'm not close enough to do that.

I have to admit, I am so very happy with how things are turning out.  There's a lot of purple going on in here, but the velvet drapery brings in some texture, while enveloping the room into a eggplant colored cocoon, which saves the day.

Right now, we are working on the art that needs to go over the sectional.  It needs to be a big son-uva-gun.  As the sectional/wall is rather large.  I thought I'd flank the smaller options with sconces.  Adds a little dimension right?  Below are the four options I gave them for the artwork.  I do have my favorite, but, what matters is which is their favorite. 

So which option would you choose were it your choice?  Just curious.

Alright all, I'll try not be away for a couple of months this time.  Things are rolling along again after a holiday hiatus, so I'll keep you in the loop.  

Til next time...


Sarah MacMillan {Prairie Perch} said...

It's looking good! I like the black and white drippy art with the sconces.

Thehouseofhampton said...

I was so taken with the chair and lighting I couldn't focus on anything else! Beautiful choices...
The House of Hampton

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