Clay Library Update

Today I thought I'd give you a look into the design for the library. It's a small room off the entry through which you have to walk to get to the rest of the home.   Needless to say it needs to be a dramatic space.  

You can see the view of it behind the piano.  It's such a charming little space.  With just enough room for four chairs to relax in while reading books. 

Like I said, this is sort of an extension to the entryway and I wanted it to be a statement space.  So we are going black on the walls.  The ceiling will be special due to the fact that it will be papered in black and white buffalo check.  The little seating area is defined by this oriental rug and four Ming chairs.  The stump table will be a nice center to anchor the seating arrangement. 

The art I am pushing for is from Zena Holloway and will be large and in charge.  Taking up the majority of the wall entering the room.  It's a small room so we have to get a lot of bang in there without overwhelming the space.  

So there you go...a little look into where we are at this point.  Don't know about you, but I would be happy to live here.  Can't wait to continue on and see how things fall into place.  

'til next time...

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