Domino Fodder

Can you believe Domino is back?  Glory, glory hallelujah!  I suppose now I will be able to keep adding to my Domino collection (which is already nothing to sniff at.)  Here are a few of my favorite snapshots in the current mag as shown on their site.  Apparently, the publication will be quarterly.  

I am eager to see what they bring to the interior design world...especially since they were such a staple originally.   The Nate Berkus feature is by far my favorite.  The dude does no wrong.

So, here's to Domino....again!


Katie Waddell said...

Amen! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused by all of this Domino chatter! Domino came back just over a year ago with quarterly publications and then that went away again about six months ago. So is this return the return of the quarterly or the monthly? Do you know? Being in Germany, I have to rely on others to pick them up for me and mail them so I want to keep tabs on when to expect them (as if the blogging community would let me forget right!? *smiles*). I have every copy so I can't miss one now!

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