Client Den

Thought I might pop in at long last.  Hope you all are doing well.   

I promised you all a while ago a look into a home I finished that is an absolute jewel box.  I thought I might start delivering.  I'll do it one room at a time.  So today, we have the den.  My client, along with loving animals, loves color!  She's vibrant and unique and needed her space to reflect that.  I think we accomplished it.  Don't you?

It's modern, vintage, and a little exotic all rolled into one.  
That Thai princess on the wall is one of my favorite finds.  

In the next week I'll pop back in with another room in this fun little home.  
Sound good?  Til then, peace!


Tracy said...

LOVE IT !!!!!!! I wish I could use color like that!

Emmie {Blue 11 Interiors} said...

LOVE IT! I saw a little Indian tray table like the one you used in a vintage shop last weekend...now I really wish I could have brought it home with me!

'LUSH' said...

Love it! So Me!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! So fab!! I love every little detail. It has such a collected look to it as well - fantastic job!


You are the queen of vintage! I am amazed at all the wonderful things you find and how you curate the room. I'm in love:)

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