Snippets of Home

Some little snippets from my home right now, 
as I try to finish figuring out the manual mode of my Canon DSLR. 
 Let me just say, it ain't comin' natural to me.  Things to change in the pic above are as follows....the god-awful fur pillows.  I hate them.  They are one of my most disappointing buys on Etsy, I didn't even bother to straighten them out for the shot (or the wires poking out from underneath the sofa apparently.)  Also, I think I'm going to put my tall black campaign shelf in the corner where the tree is right now.  I think it will be perfect there.  Hopefully.  The curtains will also be changing, to silk taffeta....must add a little more glamour.

Oh, and I haven't decided if I want the cameo to stay hung in the window, or if I will put the mirror back up...OR if I will just leave it empty.  I tell you, these life and death decisions are so draining.

As you can see, I'm a fan of crystals.  
I apparently have them everywhere.  I dig the sparkle they add to a table or shelf.   Plus they are so earthy and natural.  That's always a good thing. The little elephant was my grandmothers.  I like to keep it as a little reminder.  

Here's a nice shot of my Dan Murray sculpture.  I love it so.  Eventually, it will have a pedestal to call it's own.  But, until I find the right one, it works here.  Then of course, the birds of doom (as my husband calls them) are on down the way.  We worry every time one of the cats is fooling around near one.  Those beaks are dangerous I tell you.  They are ready to impale given the chance.  Death by decor, right?

Hope you liked.  

Til next time.  Peace.  


Anonymous said...

LOVE your styling. Ugh I have the hardest time buying the right pillows. And where did you get that floor lamp? I am dying for a Mouille esque lamp. I need to recover our sofa, paint the walls and add some pillows! The work never ends! xo

Leah said...

really beautiful room! esp. love the floor lamp, the burl wood, sofa, and the cameo. i like that the cameo is unexpected.

Unknown said...

So many fab pieces. Are the lamps vintage? Love those!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love the creative style of your home...where did you get your black floor lamp

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

Looks amazing! I love that sculpture and the whole scene with that burled wood console. I'm not loving the cameo in the window. Maybe the mirror would be prettier, add a little sparkle.

Tobe | BIA said...

if that burl wood console disappears, blame me. it's looking so good in there!!! jealz.

Heather (love your space) said...

I say keep the cameo in the window--love it there, and so unexpected!

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