Typically, I'm not one to chat about what has been happening in my personal life.  I figure you come here for the enjoyment of all things interior, not necessarily to hear about what I've been reading, using, listening to, etc.  But then I figure, some of you might have an interest in who actually writes these posts, and creates the mood boards, and talks about all her passions of the design sort.  There is much more to me than design.  And for those of you interested, I decided I might share some of my other passions.  So, here is what I've been up to.

Been reading...

I am fascinated with history.  

One of the subcategories of my fascination specifically, is great women of history.  Catherine the Great encompasses all that I love about powerful women and more.  Her childhood, her marriage, her coming to the throne, her many, many, MANY lovers.  All riveting.  I definitely recommend this read for those of you, who like me, have a love of good biographies. 

Another good one that I finished a while back is...

The author on this one makes history sumptuous. 
The story itself is obviously riddled with drama and passion, and she makes the most of it. Truly an interesting and unique take on this very famous/infamous women.

Now to music.

I'm so digging The Civil Wars.
In fact, I'm a wee bit obsessed with anything they do.
They have a new album coming out in August.  Can. Not. Wait.

Here is a listen to one of the new tunes...

And now onto the frivolous products that I like to use to try to make me pretty...


I have recently found their foundation, and I am seriously hooked.  I also have been using their cleanser and moisturizer and I am almost as in love with them as I am the foundation.

Onto fragrance.

I think how a person smells is so very personal.  Typically you need to be relatively close in proximity to actually smell someone which denotes intimacy.  I am truly a self-proclaimed fragrance junky.  I have a ton, and at any given time have a new one in the wings.  But, I do have a select few that I keep stocked and feel like they are "mine."  Here are 2 of my favs.

 Prada, Stella

So, there you have it.
 All kinds of other bits that make me happy.

Anything I need to add per my super smart/beautiful/well-informed readers?

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Katie Waddell said...

You got me hooked on The Civil Wars, so thanks for that! I just got this eye serum that I love.... http://www.vmvhypoallergenics.com/skin-care/cosmeceuticals/re-everything-eye-serum.html

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