A Little Leopard

Good day to you!  

Hope everyone is gliding through life.  
And if not, this might just be the pick me up you needed.

So, I promised you I would follow up when I had pictures of the leopard runner for one of my clients, whose home you have already had a peek into here and here.

Annnnd, I am making good on my word...

Yes, kids, it is amazing, absolutely freakin' amazing!

I am truly jealous and proud, all at the same time.   
It may be one of the more glorious things I've seen in this life.  Really, really loving it.  If we were staying in this home indefinitely, I would totally do it.  Seriously.  But alas, that's not the case, so no bravery here.  Would you do it...make the leopard statement?

Also, wanted to share some prettiness with you in the form of a little earthenware.  I love the finish on them, which comes from pit-firing them.  Really lovely and soft.  

They are from Clay Wood Stone.  

I just think they are so beautiful in a basic primitive way.
Very unique.  

Alright, have a good weekend.  Its supposed to be pretty here!  
Which makes me a happy girl!

Bye for now.


'LUSH' said...

Love the leopard stair runner, and have it in my project file. Could you tell me the brand/maker of the carpet? Thank you. And it looks incredible!!! Something I have wanted a very long time.

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

I love this and the fact that the risers are painted different really makes this stand out.

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