Massive Chandeliers in the Living Room

So, I have been chatting with a client about the lighting happening in her house.  She bought a new to her, old house, and she is undertaking some renos and obviously re-designing the whole home.  It will be quite a transformation by the time it's all said and done.  However, as of now, we are at the beginning.  Picking out the lighting along side the wallpaper and paint.  

We are adding a light in the the Living room where there is none now.   I have given the option of putting an over-sized chandelier in there to add that show-stopping moment.

The ceiling height is around 10ft.  So not low by any means, but not super tall either.  My client is a little wary that the ceiling is not tall enough to deal with something along these lines.

Hence, I came up with this slew of pictures to help her visualize this possible amazing option.

We'll see what she chooses in the end.  Either way, it will be lovely, no question!


Sadie + Stella said...

Laaaaahhhhaaaaaveeeee this look. In all seriousness. Gorg!

Chelsea said...

I hope these help her visualize it, because it sounds like it could be incredible. I love when a client let's go and trusts the designer. xo

Sarah MacMillan {Prairie Perch} said...

It seems that most of the chandeliers are hung over the coffee tables where you don't walk or stand. If the fixture hangs a little low it doesn't matter because you won't be walking under it. That's my two cents worth anyway! Love this look.

Anonymous said...

Totally doable. Totally needs to happen.


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