It's not often that I plug a TV show (if ever.)  Sure, they are entertaining and some are even worth my time.  This one however, speaks to me.  In the most basic and human way.   She's trying to save the world, while saving herself.  You can't help but love, and hate her.  She is not only her own heroine, she is also the villain sometimes too.  Aren't we all.  This is why I can relate.  She is searching and striving for something better.  From time to time, she even attains it.   The monologues are insane.  Such words of wisdom to be found in each episode.  Not to mention, the lessons gleaned, which are worth every bit of her struggle.

Season 2 just started.  But like virtually everything, it's best to start at the beginning.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Stephanie said...

Looks interest and potentially enlightening (oh, see what I did there? haha). Will check it out, thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best little shows on TV. The writing, the message, the actors are all so good. I cry at least once in every episode. Last week when Amy said she's just tired of feeling small. Waterworks. Anyway, I agree with you. Best little show on TV right now.

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