Things I'm Diggin'

Just a quick pop-in to share a few favorites of the moment.  Let's break it down shall we...

I've had my eye on that Chinese pot for a long while.  I have a rubber tree that needs to be glammed up a bit, and it's perfect for that task.  Those books speak for themselves,..gold fabulous-ness.  Velvet pillows are always a welcome item.  The bowl with the patina just has so much character.  Love something that feels like it might have a story to it.  The sweet little gold bowls have a unique handmade shape and feel.  The three wise Chinese men.  I so love them.  The rug is neat because it has metallic silver thread woven through it.  And last but not least, a massive textured gold (again) vase.  Very cool.

Hope there is at least something you like in this smattering of pretty.  

Have a wonderful day!


Clayton Gray Home said...

Hi Nichole,
Thanks for the mention with our Gold Books! What an honor! Keep up the great work!


CC DeuxVie said...

Thanks for featuring our Velvet Throw Pillows! Glad to hear that you like them... May we offer your readers a discount code to use at our store ccdeuxvie.com?

Anonymous said...

Love it all! And am positively drooling over that vase!


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