Things Coming My Way

Hi all! 

Hope the week has started off swimmingly for you.

 I have some very exciting purchases as of late to share with you.  Purchases of the major kind.

You may remember a post I did waaay back when debating which sideboard to purchase for displaying the TV in the living room. This was the one I ultimately chose.

Oh, my she's lovely, isn't she?

And then...

I came across this.....

Thine eyes do not deceive thee.  

I can hear you asking (because you all are so smart like that,)
"Why Nichole, is that an 88" tall x 52" wide, Antique, solid Oak, French Armoire c. 1890?"  
To which I reply with a glorious, "Yup."  

Ooooohhhh, dilemma of dilemmas...what's a girl to do?

Get both?


So that's what I did.  

The sideboard, when it arrives, will be at home in the dining room.  
And, my massive (seriously 8 ft!) armoire will be housing our TV in the living room.  I am thrilled beyond words.  I have a very generous Santa this year!  As if that weren't enough...my father is contributing to this insane piece of lighting genius...

I cannot tell you how good it feels to finally see some progress being made on the home-front.   I have been in a holding pattern for a while and to see things coming to fruition in such a beautiful way is so satisfying.

You know what I mean?

Ok all, just wanted to touch base and catch you all up on the happenings around here lately. 

Have a loverly day.



Pretty Arty said...

love the lamp !!! where did you find it?

Anonymous said...

So exciting! That was my fave sideboard! They were all lovely, but that one was the perfect marriage of the other two! I cannot wait to see all this goodness put together in your room! I love your finds and the amazingness you do with them!


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