Oklahoma Bound

Isn't she lovely? 

I just had to open with her today.  Don't you want to know what's written in the letter she's reading.   What I really want though is her on my walls...however, my guess is she's in a museum somewhere, so I don't think that's even remotely feasible. 

How are you this fine Friday?  Fun holiday weekend plans?

  I will be heading into the South this weekend for a little Christmas celebration with the in-laws.  Oklahoma to be exact.  My hubby's home state.  He grew up waaaay out there.  Country as country could be, but fine folk for sure. 

 Some say the next "big thing" in interiors is Americana.  Some say it's already here.  I mean gingham is back for heaven's sake.  That says it all as far as I'm concerned.


I know one thing...I totally would love to have one of these modern quilts lying around.  They are works of art, right?  One foot in the 1800's the other in 2012.  So cool!  I love it when an art form mutates and adapts to modern times, yet still holds on to the basic premise that made it an art form in the first place.


The last abstract one is my favorite!

So what do you think?  Americana? 

Alrighty, have a good one all. 

Oh, and if you live in the vicinity, and you hear the chorus to "Oklahoma" being belted out a car window at high velocity, you can guess with pretty good certainty it was me. 

Don't be hatin'!

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