Marland Mansion

Welcome to the week before Christmas. 
The frenetic holiday pace is only increasing.  Am I right?

BUT, today, we are going to have a little history with our design.  While I was down in Oklahoma this last weekend, I was lucky enough to tour the Marland Mansion.  In a word, it was spectacular. 

In 1922, E.W. Marland controlled 1/10th of the world's oil reserves.  Construction on this grand home began in 1925 and took 3 years to complete. 

The Foyer.

Marland's room.  Soooo manly. 

The lady of the house's room.  I thought the gauzy overlay on the bed was interesting.   I know that people think it's weird that the husband and the wife don't sleep in the same room.  But, I think it would be kind of nice.  Just think, no snoring, no cover stealing.  You can make it as girly as you like. 

This is just one of the several Guest bedrooms in the house.

Insane tile mosaic

What you see above on the ceiling is real gold gilding.  
I read that if it were built today, it would cost $2 million to recreate it.  That just blew my mind.

Hope you enjoyed your short vicarious tour.  I have to say, it was obviously a massive place, but I was surprised with how cozy it still felt throughout most of it. 

Pretty interesting huh?  
Alright all, hope everyone has a wonderful Monday, you are rounding the bend!

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