Bedrooms For a Fall Day

Thought I'd pop in and say hi!

What better to talk about on this fine Fall day, than cozy bedrooms to snuggle into with candles, coffee and a good book.  

Let's break down what makes me dig these spaces.  Above, the reading lights, the curtains, the rug, all make for a stylish place to escape.

This room is  pure luxury.  The artwork makes it even more special.

via (anyone know the actual designer?)

Good grief I love this room.  Look closely at the walls. Notice that they are covered in hanging fabric.  Just spectacular.  Now I need to figure out how to do this in my own place.  Wow!

I adore the mixing that is happening in the room.  Super traditional, with a crazy modern twist.  This is eclectic done right.

This feels like a perfect place to go and hide.  All dark and cozy. 

Loving the Asian panels, and the drapery.  Completely different, but they compliment each other so nicely.

Hope you enjoyed and are doing well.  
Be back in the next couple of days with an update on the shop!


Ashley said...

Ooh, I'm especially digging the moody teal in the second picture. It's the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon nap (in style, of course).

Tobe | BIA said...

mmmm. love that first space especially!

LWP said...

If that first bedroom were mine, I would be a happy women!

Anonymous said...

If I painted my master bedroom the deep teal of the 2nd pic (Atlanta Homes - Ben Moore's Narragansett Green), what would you recommend for a very small master bath that has black slate tile on floor & shower? I want elegant (already have crystal chandelier over pedastal sink) and am completely open to wallpaper. Thank you!

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