Asian Wardrobe Ch'i

 Hello there!  

How are things with you?  

Things with me are okay.  Nothing spectacular (aside from the piece above,) just daily life.  I did want to pop in and share a find of mine, though.  It was not one of my easier acquisitions, but, it is mine (for now) none-the-less.  It's a Korean Wardrobe with black lacquer and mother of pearl inlay and it's massive.  Like 7 foot tall by 9 foot long massive.

It was going to stay in my living room, but, I think I've decided I can let it go into the shop for someone else to enjoy.  My husband ain't happy about it as he loooves the piece.  I think his exact words were..."It's bad-ass."  But, sometimes, no matter how fantastic the piece, the ch'i just isn't right.  There is no explanation, just, it doesn't feel right.  That's where I am with this. 

It is kinda gorgeous though isn't it?

Hope everyone is trucking along fine.  Keep going kids.  

Thanks for still reading despite the post drought lately.  I will get back into it.  Promise.


Tobe | BIA said...

dear god, i need a larger house.

Anonymous said...

Really!? You're killin me, Smalls! I actually have several of these black lacquer pieces. My husband's Mom is Korean and we inherited about six pieces from her. I do not, however, have a wardrobe and that is the piece I could use more than any right now as there are NO closets here in Germany! The only wardrobes to pick from are cookie cutter Ikea ones or super clunky wood ones reminiscent of 80's furniture. This piece would be heavenly!


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