Come and Get It!

 Good evening to you.  

A few updates in the shop for you local Kansas Citians tonight!  Oh, and a heads up that there has been quite a few markdowns on some of the existing pieces as well.

First up...above you will see a couple of new Botanical Prints.   I think they have such a sweet feel.

The fabulous wheat sheaf table and a pair of modernized white Victorian sconces.

The vintage hand-painted Asian horse picture is really lovely, and laaarge.

The new piece is on the far left.  That silver table.  So fun!

Don't judge me for the zebra curtains.  There was an opening there that backs up to the booth next to me, and it needed to be covered.  These were left over from a few years ago, and I decided I would rather use something I already had, as opposed to spending money on  new ones.  So, go easy on me.  K?

You can find everything you see here at...

Mission Road Antique Mall
second floor by the elevator.

Alright everyone, I 'll leave you to it!  Have a great weekend!


StagerLinda said...

That is a funky, cute little silver table! Love those lamps on the floor too.

Lonely Wife Project said...

Are you in MO? Next time I'm in Kansas City, I'm going to buy out your shop!

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