Client Rug Choices

Hello all!  

It's already been an interesting week 'round these here parts.  A little family stuff has moved to the forefront of the priority list (hence the lack of blog attention.)  But, I'm going to try to make up for it today by sharing with you some rug choices recently made for a client.  

First, I'll start by sharing the artwork chosen, which is this fan-freakin-tastic piece from 
Black Crow Studios which I happen to be obsessed with.

 I have been in love with it for a long while, and decided this would be the perfect project to incorporate it into.  That being said, I didn't want one massive long piece.  For our purposes and space, I decided to have it custom made into a diptych. 

Which I am absolutely thrilled with.  Just to be clear, these suckers are going to be huuuuuge.  52"tall x 44"wide EACH to be exact.  They are going to dominate the room (which ain't all that large) in a good way.  Playing with scale can really make for an interesting space.

So now that you are in on the art choice, lets talk about rug options.  The wall color is Blue Black from Farrow and Ball, which is coming off a little dark grey in the swatches below, but in reality it is the most glorious shade of deep dark blue.  Soooo rich!  Like I said the room is small, and loooong and shallow.  It is appox. 10ft x 14ft. and is being used as a cozy den.  But, the dims did present a problem. 

From the get go, I was thinking Tribal/Persian/Moroccan/Oriental on the rug front.  Typically, these have dims that are a little unique.  I was looking for an extra wide, long runner.  Or, if the perfect rug presented itself in 8x10 form, I would use a sheepskin throw in front of a pair of chairs at the end of the room.  

That being said, here were the options presented (I included the artwork, and wall color to help you visualize) ...

First up was this colorful option.  It was not ultimately chosen.  
It's a little to light and precious for the space. 

 Here was another option.  A tribal rug that was super cool.

This one was almost tied with the front runner in my eyes.  If it were in my home, I think it may have edged out the rug that was ultimately chosen, although maybe not, 'cause the winner is pretty killer.  However, I'm not sure my client wanted to commit to such a large animal print...soooo.... the winner was....

This choice, which was my first choice.   I think it is perfect for the space, and adds that serious touch to the exuberant artwork.  Plus, it will be truly spectacular with the wall color.

SO there you are.  Some of the building blocks being used for this space.  I am already in love with it, and am so excited to see how it comes together!  I will continue to share some bits as things move forward.   Sound good?

 Have a fantastic day everyone!


Sadie + Stella said...

Love the spotted print one. That is the must in the space. Gives a different vibe and brings more pattern and less color into the color driven space. Adore!

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

Those prints are amazing! I just love the colors :)


LWP (Lonely Wife Project) said...

I love that you share your progress in such detail! The final choice is amaze, but I'm an animal print girl till the end.

pimpmybricks.wordpress.com said...

Those prints from Crow Studios are absolutely stunning, but they're also very fragile. We got one a couple of years ago and it hasn't worn well. A minutely damp finger left a completely bald mark shortly after we got it - it was as if the ink just melted away! And when we moved house recently, even though the removers were issued with dire warnings and wrapped the whole thing lovingly in a rug, a lot of the ink still became abraded.

I did contemplate spraying mine with fixative (before the moving house incident, after which it became too late) but I was worried the spray might react with the ink and make the whole thing worse. I wish now I had.

I'm sorry to add a negative note. The prints are beautiful - the colours are vibrant and translucent. But I did want to warn you that they're also so very fragile. A large print with bits missing just doesn't look the same as one which is intact.

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