Carly Waito's Paintings

The images you see in front of you are not photographs.  They are paintings.  


The detail is insane.  What a beautiful piece of artwork for a home.  

The artist is Carly Waito.  She is obviously a talented lady.  If you want more (who wouldn't?) she also has a blog with a little more insight into her life and art. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Fall is officially here and I couldn't be happier.  We had a block party last night where we finally got to meet some of our new (sort of) neighbors.   It's nice to finally feel like this is becoming home again.  Although I still miss the city immensely, we are starting to settle in here...which is good as it's been a year since we've been back.  Which absolutely blows my mind.  Time goes so quickly my head spins.  

Enjoy this week of lovely Fall weather! 

Over and Out!


Marcia said...

I am a geologist and a interior design enthusiast. These are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

Lonely Wife Project said...

no words!

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