A Bit of Pretty


Hello to you.  Hope the weekend was good.  My husband is off this week, so there should be lots of things getting done round these parts.  Specifically painting!  Yay!  

The upstairs has been left in peace for far to long. 
 It's time to start moving forward with plans for it.  

There is muuuuch to be done (more of the circus peanut color to eradicate,) now to find the ooomph to do it!   I am not a fan of painting as you all know.  I tend to whine a lot.  Much like I am doing now.

Alrighty all, have a great first day of the week.  Send painting thoughts my way. The more I get done the more I can show!


Mary said...

I don't mind painting. If I lived near you, I would do it for you & then you could take me to the places you shop. You find the coolest things.

Unknown said...

I could just die! So excited for you!

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