M. Design

 Hello friends and design addicts alike.   Welcome to M.Design day.   The fab lady behind M.Design, Molly Luetkemeyer, is based in L.A. and has a portfolio that oozes Hollywood-Boho glory to prove it.  She's obviously been one busy lady (she started her firm in 2001,) as the offering here today is just a smattering of my personal favorites.

She also has a blog called Molly Loot in case you need more!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, it's hot as Hell here again.  But, the Summer days are numbered.  I have to keep that in mind, and know that Fall will be here soon.  Ugh, can't wait!


Katie said...

Wow! That bathroom is amazing!

designstiles said...

So super dope

Anonymous said...

I believe Molly is actress Julie Bowen's sister. I believe that first living room is Julie's.

That bathroom has always been one of my favorites.

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