L'Otel Love

 Thought this little boutique hotel by the name of L'Otel in San Miguel that I found via Atlantis Home is such a gem of a place.   I would adore the opportunity to stay here...I mean, I'm not sure I would ever leave the hotel itself.  Everything is so, so lovely.  I'm diggin' the major use of color.  But, notice how it's all tempered with white.  Perfection!

 What is so neat is they feature some absolutely amazing art that is for sale.  I'm a big fan!  Here are my favorites, they had on their site.

Really fantastic right?  Hope everyone had a glorious weekend.  My wasn't too shabby.  Got some fun new goods for the shop.  I will be sharing pics of the loot soon.  ALSO, I have not forgotten about my obligation to show the kitchen cabinets.  Soon, I promise.

Til tomorrow... have a great day all! 

1 comment:

Mary said...

The artwork & the hotel are beautiful. But I think I would need to win the lottery in order to see them in person.
Can't wait to see your cabinets. How you managed to paint them in this heat & humidity is beyond me.

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