Isabel Lopez-Quesada

So back to design/decor talk after my soapbox speech yesterday.  
Hope everyone is doing well.  It's been almost cool the past couple of days.  This makes me a happy girl.  Fall cometh!!!

Today, I want to highlight a designer by the name of Isabel Lopez-Quesada.   She is definitely more on the traditional side, but I sure do adore the way the lady lays out a room.  She uses all of her space, without (in my opinion) making it feel crowded.  The space above is my favorite of hers.  It's large and yet cozy.  

Well done Izzie!


Raina Cox said...

I've always wondered why this designer doesn't receive more shelter mag love. She seems like a perfect fit for Elle Decor. AD featured her own Madrid home a few months ago, but we need more!

Mary said...

I love "cozy". I'd take it over light & airy anyday.

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