Alexandra Angle and the Story of the Bamboo Chairs

Hello all.  

Hope the weekend was enjoyable for you.  I think the title of this post might be the longest in the history of the world. 

The work you see before you is from Alexandra Angle Interior Design.  Thought I might put some of my favorite spaces by her up for your enjoyment this Monday.   The chairs and the rug above are absolutely delicious.  Am I right?

 On a more personal note.,..

Yesterday I showed you some updated pics of the shop.  Above, in my home, are the mates to the pair of bamboo chairs (which sold already) in the shop.  Originally, I was going to sell all four.  When I bought them, all four were in excellent condition.  I was thrilled.  It's rare to find the caning still in good condition and in this case the caning was pristine.  I absolutely made sure of that before I bought them.  

They were left overnight in the store because I stumbled upon them  unexpectedly, we didn't have our truck with us, and the store closed in 20 minutes, which meant there wasn't enough time to go get the truck and come back for them.  So, after paying (stupid) we left them and came back the next day to one of the chairs with a hole in the caning.  You can see it on the front right corner of the chair on the left.  Our guess is that someone made the mistake of trying to stack them and carry them.  I was pissssssed!  Not just because of the hole, but, also because no one was taking responsibility for it, and at one point they said it was already there and that I should have looked closer.  I'm not going to go into the details of what went down after that, because in all honesty, it ain't a very flattering picture of me. 

So now, I have a new pair of chairs (that I must admit, I kind of love but never should have been mine) one of them has a hole in the seat, but, that's just the way it is.  Getting it re-caned is just more money than it's worth, plus, the caning would never match.  I think I'll have a couple of cushions made to cover the seats (and hole,) and that should hopefully take care of things.

Annnnd, that's the drama of the bamboo chairs. Ehhh, you live and you learn, right? 

Moving on!

These lamps are something new in the store that I forgot to include in my post yesterday...

They are vintage and really lovely.  It was hard to put price tags on those babies instead of keeping them, but I'm already a lamp hoarder.  I really need to learn how to let them go.  No matter how fabulous they are.

Okay everyone, I'm signing off for today ... have a great start to your week.


Mary said...

OH, Nichole! I would have been pissed too. Those chairs are cool.
Even though you now have to use cushions, maybe they will end up being more comfortable.

LostRoses said...

I can't really tell from your photo but if those chair seats aren't hand caned it won't cost that much to replace one seat. As a former chair caner I can tell you that the color can be matched very closely.

You may already know how to tell hand caning from machine caning - look underneath the seat. If you can see the caning underneath that means it's hand caning and that would be pretty expensive. If no cane showing you might want to get an estimate. I like your blog - my first visit.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

bummer about the hole, but damn! those are still cute.

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