Petrified Wood

I have been fascinated by anything old for as long as I can remember.  I've known about petrified wood since I could read books about prehistoric times.  Petrified Wood as decor however, came to my attention upon one trip to ABC Home in NYC.   I was instantly a fan.  Natural History combined with Interior Design...I'm in!!!

There are so many different colors and variations.   Look how gorgeous and unique each piece is.  Like natural art.


Ann Sacks even has Petrified Wood Countertops.  Gah!!!!  I can only imagine how much they are per s/f.  But, wooooowww.  What a showstopper!

So what do you think?  

I have plans to own one of those stump side table at some point in my life.  I just don't think Natural History can get any prettier.

Have a wonderful weekend all! 

1 comment:

Mary said...

I remember going on a drving vacation with my family when I was a kid and seeing petrified wood. It's beautiful. But you would probably have to sell your soul & your firstborn for the countertop.

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