No Pink

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 Wanted to make a board without pink in it.  It's crazy that I use pink so much in my designs.  I almost never wear it.  Anyone else do that?  Use colors and have a different style of dress versus your decor?  Not sure what that really means.  Although, I do find the two slowly merging with one another.  Anyway, just a random observation.

Definitely needed to include those chairs from Furbish in this board.  Those babies are showstoppers.  And the daybed?  Love!!!  I am looking for the perfect daybed to put opposite my fuchsia sofa in the living room.  Oh, that this one were not a ton of money and actually available in this country.  Ehhh, things to hope for.  Who knows, maybe I might get lucky and come across something similar in my travels.  You just never do know. 

Alrighty, have a lovely day everyone...it's hot here today....again.  

Send help(!) aka Prosecco!


Lonely Wife Project said...

I never wear pink but love it in interiors. I have a huge fuchsia rug, which is crazy and so unlike me. With that said, a little pink never hurt no one ;)

The daybed is the stuff dreams are made of!

Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

Such a rockin' glam space! I love the chairs + the day bed xx

Raina Cox said...

Where have you been all my life?! That board is AWESOME.

*in a sing song voice*


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