My Good Fortune Finds

Thought I'd show you a bit of my good fortune as of late.  Here are some fabulous finds that have somehow found their way into my home.  The mid-century sculpture with the Lucite base was something I zoned in on immediately.   I saw it across a smoky, crowded room and just knew it had to be mine.  Okay, so  maybe it wasn't exactly like that, but, it was close.  Is it weird that metal and plastic have such a profound effect on me?  Maybe there's a 12 step program I need to know about.

Next up, a massive piece of art that I just couldn't leave behind.  I love it.  A. LOT.  It's in the dining room right now, but, will be moving shortly.  Such a fantastic, special acquisition!

And, lastly a two-fer.  The base is an antique white oak church alter, and then of course the sculpture atop it.  It's on the landing upstairs.  Which has not received my ministrations yet...hence the return of the god-awful circus peanut, baby poop color on the walls.  Ugh, but at least there is a little progress.  Baby steps, right?  

I am building my home one special piece at a time, and that's how it should be done.  Sometimes it takes a little longer but, it makes up for it in the end.  That's how I like to do things with clients too.  An organic building of a home.  It keeps it personal and authentic.

Hope everyone is doing well despite the hellish conditions outside.  I keep thinking it's going to have to let up some time, but, apparently...I'm wrong.  A couple of friends invited my husband and I to go on a camping/float trip in a couple/few weeks.  When he asked me about it, I looked at him like he had a third eye, and inquired if camping on the surface of the sun sounded enjoyable to him because that would essentially be the experience.  Needless to say.  We passed. 

Hope it's at least a little better where you are.  Take care and have a good one!


Mary said...

Camping in this weather?! What was he thinking?
Great finds BTW. Love the artwork!

Unknown said...

GASP! You luck girl!

heather (love your space) said...

love that painting--a great find indeed!

Anonymous said...

You have a "finder" gift! I LOVE those pieces!



Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

Wow such great finds! I usually find all my good stuff at the flea, but like you said, its too hot to go now!

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