Katherine Newman

 Wow you all went to town yesterday.  Thanks so much for all the candid opinions.  Now I'll feel bad if I don't paint the sucker after all that.  But, I really do appreciate the input!

Just a quick in and out today though.  Don't you just adore this room by Katherine Newman?  Lady hit the nail on the head with this one!  The 2 pics above are from her site, and the bottom pic is via House and Home.   I have to say the layout is fascinating.  Especially since the room is so long and narrow (much like my own.)  Oh, and those chairs above...glorious.  I mean really.  Wow.

Do you have a favorite part?  There really are some amazing moments sprinkled all over this space!  Alrighty, that's it today!   Have a good one all!

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Laurie said...

At first glance, I love this room. There are many amazing individual pieces. The layout, color palette, textures and layers are all fabulous. Agree wholeheartedly on those chairs - Wow! However, as I continue to survey the pictures, I notice something that bugs me - too many pairs. The daybeds, chairs, pillows, tables and lighting all have twins. Perhaps in such a large, narrow room you wouldn't notice it as much? I know pairs and repetition are great for creating symetry, cohesiveness, balance, etc - but how much is too much? It's all personal style and preference, of course. I'd happily move right into this room but I'd likely have to break up a few pairs.

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