So, I showed you the progress in the dining room yesterday.  Today, is the living room.  Sooooo much still to be done in here.  There is NO artwork hung yet, mostly because I can't commit to anything right now.   Things are ever changing, and until I get more of the larger pieces nailed down I'm not ready to put too much on the walls. 

I know these shots are crappy.   And, I apologize for that.  I know all you get are night pics.  There is a reason for that.  I do most everything at night.  My hubby is working the night shift right now (sucky!!!)  And, since I have a very flexible schedule I have adopted that schedule with him, so I can see him more.  Otherwise, I'd only see him coming and going.   Which means...all you get are crappy night pics!  

Sorry.  Hope they will suffice until I get the real camera out and take some decent shots when things are closer to finished.  Til then, this is what we've got.  Still, it is a glimpse into what is happening.  Bit by bit.


ROOME said...

the imperfections are where the story begins can't wait to see the end!

Anonymous said...

Looking amazing! I love the peeks into your home and love that you show the process and not just the completed work.



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