Pretty and Fabulous

I have a smorgesborg for you today.  No theme really.  
Just random bits and pieces of pretty and fabulous. 

 I think these scenes originally published in 1894 as a small handbook are so fantastic.  How fun would these be on your wall?  I love things like this which bring humor to a space. Interesting how relationships never truly change.   The sequence pretty much still applies today.  I totally see them in my dining room.  Love.

 Next...here's a little news on the home-front.  Something I picked up this weekend...

Kinda killer right?

I think it's going to end up in our breakfast nook.  Hopefully to be hung next weekend...if the hubby is feeling generous.  He haaaates putting up fixtures.  But, I'm just too cheap to pay for them to be hung.  I mean, I could get all kinds of good stuff for the $ it would take to hire someone to hang them.  Maybe someday, the money will be flowing freely enough to relieve him of the duty.  But, it ain't today. 

Lastly. Three fantastic wallpapers for you to enjoy ...


Love how large and graphic these flowers are.  Dreamy.


Hello gorgeous.  What can I say.  Peacocks make me happy.   Not to mention the color palate.


Can anyone say sexy?  You better want to make a statement when using this. 
Cause, it definitely ain't timid.

So, there you are.  My random sharings for today. 

Hope you have a happy Monday all!

1 comment:

Naz said...

Laughing over the "irratation" scene...it's so true to life.

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