The New Chandy.

Here is the sun coming up this morning on our new chandelier in the dining room.   It kinda glows.  I told you it would come together piece by piece.  Literally!  The arched lamps on the buffet are not staying.  They are just hanging out there until I find their permanent home.   Who knows when that will be, but, whatever.

I'm narrowing down the choices on the chairs right now.  Not sure when they will be purchased...but, at least I'll have them picked out, right?  Must be prepared, goodness knows!  I'll do a separate post on those in the future when I have a handle on the choices.  Rug, ehhh, have to say I'm leaning more towards a leopard print of some sort.  But, that may change too.  You know, it's a day to day thing.

So, that's the most updated version of the dining space we have right now, and probably for a while.  The chairs and rugs will most likely be more  expensive purchases which will have to wait for now.  Stinks, but that whole money "thing" tends to dictate the timeline.  I know you hear me on that!

Hope everone has a spectacular Thursday.  Once again it will be a bajillion freakin' degrees here and I will literally melt, wicked witch style if I'm out in it too long.  So, here's to the great indoors for the next week or so. 

 Keep cool all. 


Mary said...

Oh, I hear ya all right. I've been working on my home for 4 years & it's still not done. All due to lack of funds.
I like where your dining room is headed. But keeping all that glass clean would scare me. Especially with pets & their nose prints. I probably would have chosen marble. But that's just me.

Unknown said...

I love how you are carefully picking and adding each detail to this space!So thrilled to see it all come together!

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

Jaw to floor.

Anika Louise said...

I love the new chandelier! It's a great addition to the room.

Jessica said...

omg that thing is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oo La La!



Naomi@DesignManifest said...

so pretty! what a great find

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