DIY and Shop Goodies

First up today.  An amazing project for you.  

Check out this DIY Tutorial from The Aestate on how to make faux malachite boxes.  Impressive!!!!

Yummy!  Right!?

Here's another project I was working on.  I acquired this piece in NY.  This finish was in pretty rough shape.  It is an antique so I didn't want to do anything major to it, plus just look at that inlay.  I was going to let it go, til I wiped it down with...

... some Kramer's Best.  And, now...it's mine! 

This was the first time I used this product, and I have to say, it really did a nice job of making the finish lustrous again.   So much so, that I can't part with the adorable little French table!

Next for you locals, a few of the new wares in the shop.

Come and get 'em!

I used the Kramers Best on the piece above too.  You should have seen it before. Muuuuuch improved!   Now, it's not perfect.  Still plenty of charm and patina.  But, it evened out some of the less desirable effects of time.

Good grief.  It's so hard to give things up.  I keep arguing with myself, about how I don't have to sell them.  I swear, I'm going to be a hoarder by the end of this.  

You watch. 


Katie said...

Those lamps are amazing!! Wish I was a local! :)

Vintage Home said...

oh wow I am not sure how you are going to part with that tray/table...wooozers.! I would not want to put it in my booth!
Love your floor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll try that Kramer's Best next time! Oh, I hear ya...I want to keep all the treasures I come across too. You've got some great new additions! Love that tray table!



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