Something to Enjoy

First off, I would like to say... 

 We all deserve that.

So, I have some good stuff for us to ogle and enjoy today.  Let's start with the pic below...


Do you hear the angels?  There is just something about black, gold, and pink that makes me all warm inside.  I love it!  The whole feel is rich, and interesting.  The rug, the chandelier, and those laurel wreath trophies are my favorite part.


This room has a completely different feel.  Much less formal.  More modern and fresh.  Hint of rustic.  Crazy cozy.  


Light an bright.  Always a good combo.  I dig those lamps.


This one I think has a Christmas tree in it.  Don't pay attention to that.  Instead, check out the blending of antique and modern in here.  Really done well!

I have to say, I really love this room.  Sure there are some scale issues, but , it's just so welcoming and warm feeling.  It totally makes up for any shortcomings with the sheer warmth of it.  The super glam chandelier mixed with the warm wood ceiling, and the slightly worn elements.  Good stuff.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  

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